For copyright holders

The resource is publicly available to all users, and all content, including video broadcasts, is created automatically by aggregating data from various public sources.

The technical means of the site do not allow real-time control over the content created in this way.

The administration of the resource has a negative attitude towards copyright infringement and is ready to take preventive measures to stop copyright infringement. Therefore, if you are the owner of exclusive property rights, including:

  • exclusive right to reproduce;
  • exclusive right to public display;
  • exclusive right to distribute;
  • exclusive right to communicate to the public.

and your rights are violated in one way or another using the resource, we ask you to immediately notify the Administration by e-mail

The complaint will be considered within a period not exceeding 5 (five) working days, subject to the correct and complete provision of data in your message.

The content of the claim must contain the following information:

1. Data on the object of copyright in relation to which the infringement has occurred

2. Information about the right holder

  • Company name (full name)
  • Official website (if available)
  • Contact details

3. Details of the complainant

  • Contact details
  • Power of attorney to act on behalf of the Copyright Holder

4. Claim data

  • Links to site pages that contain violations
  • Description of the nature of the infringement

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